Me, myself and I: not just another pretty faced irresistible Westie.


I'm a simple doggie... really. Though I'm a gorgeous West Highland White Terrier, I'm just a happy creature that needs not much in life to achieve fulfillment. I guess I'm just an interesting mixture of flavours... Born in Canada I have the ease of life and the natural grace of a Canadian citizen, but do not forget that I come from Quebec, the pride, the pose, the class apart that we all french creatures share. I remember my puppy childhood in my breeder's house... I almost can still hear her saying in her quebecois accent: "Mais mon dieux, you bad doggie are the worst of this litter, can't you stop bitting your poor sister?". Ah! Je me souvien...

By the way, if you are interested in my pedigree you can see it here.

From this background of the land of ice and snow I came to live in Portugal. My humans have a nice house with a reasonably sized garden, not much of a hunting territory but what can one do? Anyway in this side of the globe the only species good to hunt are dumb lizards... I miss a good fluffy squirrel I guess. But on the other hand this latin hot weather of Lisbon permits me lots of outdoor activity 365 days around the year which is not a despisable charm of the country.

My hobbies are quite a few, and you know we Westies have so much to do in a house: keeping our humans under constant surveillance, one never knows what kind of weird activities they might engage themselves in a moment when one is not looking... so the only way is constant observation and control of house activities. And let me say that nothing and I mean NOTHING happens in my house that I do not know of.

When I say that I am not just another pretty face I am not doing a humbleness exercise. I am much more than a cutie that hangs around melting people into smiles and shameful babbling sentences of canine tenderness. I am a career dog, with a promising future on the net. Lately I have been getting interested in html programing, hence this page of mine.



My lives... well just this encarnation as a Westie


Right from the moment I was born in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada, trouble seemed to follow me around. I tried to avoid it but it stuck to me like glue! Even today, I can't help it. No, really, I can't! I do my best, no matter what humans say, but the truth is, I really should have been called: Macgregor, The West Highland White Terrorist.

My Mom only had two puppies, me and my sister. As you can expect, there was no runt of the litter that time, although my sister was much smaller than me from the start. The breeder was so relived when at 7 weeks of age my family showed up to take me to my new home. I'd been starved for a day so that I wouldn't do any small surprises on anyone's lap on the way home. I was weak and thirsty and my humans initially thought that life with a Westie was going to be easy. Boy were they wrong!

My first home was in Toronto which meant a flight from Ottawa to Toronto on an Air Canada DC9. Everyone had a ball with me. Many even thought I was a kitten! Grrrrrrrrr! Once I got to my new home in Toronto, my humans fed me a scrumptious main course of Science Diet and a bowl of fresh clean water. Soon afterwards I could feel the energy and naughtiness coming back to my tired muscles. From that day on, I've never stopped barking at everything that moves, peeing where I'm not supposed to, stealing what's not mine and demanding attention as I see fit.

I left Toronto when I was 5 months old. That time I flew in class! Business Class that is on an Air Portugal L1011 TriStar. All those business guys looked pretty annoyed that a yappie little terrier was flying Business Class with them. But you know what they say, you pays the fare, you fly the flight! And I paid the fare, so there! Anyway, I slept most of the way and didn't bother anybody because my human drugged me up when I wasn't looking, with some tasty pill the vet gave him. I made a mental note to never again just swallow anything without smelling it first. Ok, ok, yes I've forgotten that theory a number of times since, but that's another story.

Life in Lisbon is grand! I've got a huge garden to run around in, chasing pigeons, cats and every other little species which I see fit. Sometimes in the summer I get a complete shave. I don't look too good, but hey, rather that than die of heat stroke, right? A few times a week I jump into the back seat of the car and go for a drive with my humans. These are some of the moments I cherish the most. Regardless of where we go, life is grand in a Volvo! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm now a mature dog and I should really consider getting my own driving license. Honestly, I couldn't do any worse than some of the humans I see driving around, now could I? My family keeps up confidence by telling me that they do know that I can probably drive better than that guy, and that guy, and that guy...

My biggest aspiration in life is to actually catch that cat that lives across the road. One day, cat, you're mine! Until that day, I'll keep HTMLing....


Click here to see me by the java lake.


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