Some everyday adventures of a Westie in Portugal


Now you can share my latest adventures. Just click on the picture to know the all story.


A day at the "Praia das Maças" beach (Jan 2000)
A sunny winter sunday, a breeze by the seaside and some waves to put up a fight: perfect!



The day at Roca cape (Feb 2000)
This cape is the most western land site of the European continent and I was there.


The trip to Amsterdam (May 2000)
I went by plane to Amsterdam and I stayed there for 3 weeks



The Dutch tulip fields (May 2000)
The day trip to the tulip fields.



The day in Sesimbra (February 2002)
The day trip to Sesimbra. Fish restaurants and the beach.



The rock and cactus garden (March 2002)
I got to do some rock climbing! Well, almost. But the cactus were cool.



A day at the beach with mom (March 2002)
This time a wave caught me and I got soaked.




At home in Lisbon with mom (March 2003)
Just relaxing at home.



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