My photos: from silly puppy to charming maturity


I have a huge collection of nice photos of me doing the silly things we Westies are great at. That is what makes us adorable: the ability to sin and still look like little white angels. Who can resist that look with the head gently sideways and the big black eyes wide open? I know... I am a devil in disguise, and guess what... they love it!


7 weeks old

At the airport, a baby waiting to go home. I felt cuddly with my blanket and my first white whale toy.


2 month old in Toronto

Two months old. Do I look cute or what?


A teenager in Lisbon

I know... we all look a bit lost during adolescence.


A 1 year old devil

My first year, my first birthday, my first summer shave.


A bad haircut

Every summer, I used to get a complete shave because the weather in Portugal gets really, really hot and I begin to suffer a bit. I end up looking more like a Bull Terrier than a Westie! Luckily, my face is cuter than a Bull Terriers or else nobody would be able to tell us apart!


Me with baseball hat

There is nothing like a baseball cap in this sunny country.


Sunbathing in the yard, with my biggest toy: a robust German product with 6 different fluffy colors and 6 different squeaks.


Me and the big master

This is me and my human on a sunny day in Lisbon. The guy insists on the damn leash... oh well these humans... can't live with them, get bored without them.


I am the shoe guardian

You want to go out without me? Ok, you can go but bare the shame: your shoes stay!


Me and my bone toy

It's my favorite toy: a soft white bone that squeaks when I bite it, and it's mine , mine, all mine!


Who said I need help?

I'm quite an independent pooch: I can drink from the tap, actually I prefer it.


I love a challenge

Yes the soft bone is mine and yes the tennis ball to. You can never have too many toys...


The sleep of the warrior

In this one I'm tired and dirty... had a dog day!


A tender moment

This is me and my human. Although I really love these little squeezing moments, I growl like mad so that he doesn't catch on. If he knew how I really feel about these special little squeezes, he might stop doing them...


Boat ride

The delights of a Mediterranean country: a saturday boat ride with the folks near Troia and the joys of the sea breeze.


This thing of having to wait for somebody to drive me is so unconvenient... I intend to get my drivers licence as soon as possible.


Ah... nature.

This spring in the garden. The beauty amongst the flower blossoms. How better looking can a guy get?



Human's birthday: guess who got all the balloons and wrapping paper?


Oops! Caught taking a nap on that special carpet. This is me giving them the "sad eyes" look.


Ok, I know I shouldn't use human's laptops for htmling, but it's so handy.




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