The awards room


This page is dedicated to those who had the kindness of visiting my page and make me drool by giving me these nice awards.
Thank you.


Ms. Libby is a very nice lady, that keeps an eye on mutts like me that like html. Drop in by her page. (July 1999)



Hey... bones are cool, gold bones are better. (Aug 1999)



A nice award from my friends down under. (Sep 1999)



Paws up for cousins cairn terriers. (Sep 1999)



Guess who's tail is wagging for getting this award? (Oct 1999)



Now I am a recognized cool pet. Hehehe! (Oct 1999)



The Golden Web Award. Wow! (Nov 1999)



Bo and Hope are Boston Terriers and they are very cool. (Nov 1999)



Pet of the month of December 1999. YES! (Dec 1999)



The Emerson westie award. Westies rule! (Jan 2000)



Canines of America's Top Dog Award! (Feb 2000)



The Dog House Award. (March 2000)



Odin surfed by and left an Easter Present. Thanks! (April 2000)



The blue jay award. (May 2000)



Award World. (June 2000)



Bad To The Bone: that's me for sure. (June 2000)



I was awarded cool dog for a day. (The 24th July 2000)



A shinny gold bone for my collection. (July 2000)



Cool dog site of the day again! Yes!!! (The 31st August 2000)



Geoffrey's Gold Paw (September 2000)



"For the love of Pluto" Award (October 2000)



"Golden Web Award" (November 2000)



"Premio de Oro CityDog" (November 2000)



"Bow Wow Meeow" Award (December 2000)


"Speedy's Award" (July 2001)



"Basil's Award" (August 2001)



"Ozzy's Award" (September 2001)



"Good Dog Award" (September 2001)



I got my Westie wish! (September 2001)



Darla is a doll isn't she? (September 2001)



New Millenium Group Distintion (September 2001)



Rainbow's perfect face, perfect site award (September 2001)



The Golden Web Award 2002. Once again thanks. (March 2002)



The Aloha Award. Aloha to you! (April 2002)



The Critical Mass Award. (May 2002)



Coyote Joe's Excellence Award. (July 2002)



"Pets living on this site are loved" Award. (July 2002)




Diamond Web Award (Level 1 - July 2002)



The Cybernettix WDA. (August 2002)



The Amigo Award from Mason. Thanks pal! (September 2002)




Diamond Web Award (Level 2- October 2002)
Please click to vote me to the next level.



Family friendly site Award. (October 2002)



Selo Ouro de Tahyane. (October 2002)



Fur all over award. (October 2002)



The Golden Web Award 2003. (January 2003)



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