My certified pedigree

Breeder: Nicole Ethier - L'ange-Gardien, Quebec, Canada
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Color: White
Sex: Male
Date welped: 29 March 1995

Name of dog


(2nd generation)

Great Grandparents
(3rd generation)

Great Gr. Grandparentes
(4th generation)

int. ch. eng. dut. Lasara lots of fun
ch. Haweswaltonman about town
ch. Windacre Maximus Macsen Haweswalton Gay Spark
Ashgate Lauder
ch. Scoticana Jubilee
Windacre Blan de Blanc Scotiacana Hell's Wee Angel
eng. sw ch. As Achaasheenhgate
eng ch. Ashgate Leckie
ch. Ashgate Achfarv (grb) eng. sd ch. Asheate Sheigra
Ashgate Rhum
Ashgate Avr

MacGregor Joe of Moka

eng ch. Ashgate Ailsa Graig
Tony de Laval (usa)
Beauté Tim
Kouma de Richard Rubis de Laval (usa)
Tedy 21eme
Beauté Boum-Boum
Bambi I de Lucas Mason's Lady Hell 1st
Ridi's Milky Boy
E. T. 2nd
Earlymorning cocuerelle Beauté Lison 21eme
Therefort Snow White
Earlymorning Jeannie
Therefort Amigo


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