MacGregor's selections and works. Some pieces of a Westie's mind, just for you.



MacGregor's day

Do you really want to know?

Westie top 10

Ten reason why Westies are so very cool pooches.

The eternal fight for the couch

He always gets the couch? Every day is a fight? Give up and accept, with: "Why he should get the couch and not you".

The 12 days of Westie Christmas

A Christmas classic for all seasons. Now revised and updated by MacGregor.

The all new Westie dictionary

Don't miss the cultural literary spot.

The all new Westie toy encyclopedia

 A priceless source of knowledge, every dog owner should read.

The private, X rated, photo gallery

Go ahead and risk taking a pick-a-boo. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!



The Westie Bill of Rights

Please read!

Doggie dogmas

Some things I taught my master in the last few years. My views about life.



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