Westie Walk of Toronto 2004
Sepember 12, 2004

We had a bad summer in 2004, but this Sunday we were lucky enough to have one of the sunniest days for our Westie Walk of Toronto. A crowd of 27 Westies plus moms, dads, family and friends joined us for the usual fun-filled morning in Erindale Park, Mississauga.

The group photo: the collection of white little devils all together!


Arriving around 11 a.m. and taking care of paperwork and pledges. We are able to help homelss dogs in a large part thanks to fundraising events like these.


View of the hill with the participants and the Westies at arrival.


Tamara Chipperfield and Carol Campbell: it is due to volunteers hard work that the Toronto Westie Walk comes together every year. Thank you ladies!


It was a hot summer day. Here we are keeping cool on the shade.


A lucky Monty getting some tummy scratches from mom. Mmmmm...


Erindale Park is great in the morning, and our walk is usually not long or tireing; just a short stroll alongside the creek. Here we go... are we ready?


Arriving from the walk and looking forward for some fresh water dishes and more games. Woof!


Some of us ran, some of us walked and some of us are lucky senior Westies that got mom pulling a personal little car like Felix here!


More photos and all the story