Books about Westies

Some of my favorite books about Westies, and a lot of information for lucky Westie owners and poor souls still not having a Westie at home, so still missing the best things in life. Click on the book covers to see details.


A New Owner's Guide to West Highland White Terriers
by Dawn Martin

The author, a very successful breeder and exhibitor of westies, is very knowledgeable and passes along a lot of great tips. Large number of color photographs.



The West Highland White Terrier : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
by Seymour N. Weiss

A very pragmatic guide with a good insight into the background of the breed. It deals with the practicalities of bringing home a brand new westie puppy. Written by an author who loves the breed and conveys that love to the reader.



West Highland White Terriers
by Ingrid Bolle-Kleinbub, Christine Metzger

Straight to the point manual if you're looking to bring a westie into your life. It's full of health care information and explains our feisty personality.



The Book of the West Highland White Terrier
by Anna Katherine Nicholas

A traditional book on westies, with excellent color pictures.



Guide to Owning a West Highland White
by Martin S. Wallace

This book gives great value for the money. The author does a great job of detailing the West Highland White Terrier's history, standard, feeding, grooming, training and showing. A helpful book when being introduced to the breed.



The New West Highland White Terrier
by Daphne S. Gentry

An all new book on one of Americas favorite companion dogs. The text expertly covers all the aspects of the Westie owners, prospective owners and friends of the breed expect to find in such an in depth work. Daphne S. Gentry is a past president and the official historian for the West Highland White Terrier.


      West Highland White Terrier : An Owner's Guide
by Robert Killick

      The Essential West Highland White Terrier
by Ian Dunbar, Bane Harrison, Jeannie Harrison

      The West Highland White Terrier
by Holland Buckley

Not a guide but a book about the complete history of the breed.



The Westie Winter : A Story of a West Highland White Terrier
by Coleen Hubbard, Lori Savastano

Not another manual about westies, but a kids book that will make you smile.

More children's books with westies.

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